Article 1:
1.1 Tasks
The mentor will carry out his task as carefully and properly as possible. The supervisor must follow the rules and will
follow the instructions of the production team.
1.2 Creatro
The mentor must strictly follow the scenario during the MEMtro. The mentor is informed in advance of all matters so that everyone knows what his / her tasks are. Instructions from the production manager must be followed immediately. The organization reserves the right to void this agreement at all times.

Article 2: Responsibility
The mentor is responsible for the joint establishment of a flawless, safe and successful edition of the Creatro. As a member of the production team, the supervisor is co-responsible for all participants and supervisors. The supervisor must also monitor misconduct among the participants and supervisors and is authorized to address them and to impose measures in consultation with the organizer. The mentor ensures that he / she only leaves the activities when the whole group is home. The mentor also ensures that the student informs when he is safe at home.
Article 3: Alcohol and drugs usage
The mentor may NOT consume alcohol during the Creatro before 20:00. After this, it is allowed to consume some alcoholic drinks, which the mentor himself must keep in hand. It is not allowed to get very tipsy. The use of drugs during the Creatro is strictly forbidden. When the rules in article 3 are exceeded, the mentor is removed directly from the Creatro.

Article 4: Presence
De begeleider is aanwezig op dinsdag 28 augustus 2018 vanaf 11:00 uur op Inholland te Haarlem tot 00.30 uur of tot wanneer de laatste student van het groepje naar huis is. Op woensdag 29 augustus 2018 wordt de begeleider verwacht om beschikbaar te zijn van 11.00 tot de laatste student naar huis is gegaan. Op donderdag 30 augustus 2018 wordt de begeleider verwacht vanaf 11.00 beschikbaar te zijn.. Die dag dient de begeleider tot aan het eind van het eindfeest aanwezig te zijn. Als er een langdurige afwezigheid wordt geconstateerd zonder een geldige reden, mag de organisator doen besluiten de functie van de begeleider te ontnemen en hem/haar te verwijderen van de MEMtro.
The mentor is expected to be present at the briefing. If this is not possible, the mentor will contact the organization. The organizer reserves the right to change the times of attendance in consultation with the mentor.

Article 5: Liability
The mentor is responsible for the loss and damage of his / her personal property. The organization of the Creatro can not be held responsible for this.

Article 6: Considerations
The mentor receives lunch and dinner during the Creatro, a Creatro T-shirt and, if desired, 18 ACT hours for the tasks described. These ACT hours are promised as a result of the tasks performed and the time spent on the Creatro. This also makes it possible to withdraw afterwards the ACT hours that have now been forgiven.