The Creatro is a three-day introduction week in the centre of Haarlem. During these three days you will get to know Haarlem, your future classmates and people from higher years. All of this is stuffed in a richly filled program with fun activities, parties and a grand final party in Patronaat Haarlem. 

Are you going with us during the Creatro?

Practical information


The introduction week costs €60,-. We will take care of all the fun activities and parties during the Creatro. We also take care of lunch and diner, amazing prices, a lot of extra's and ofcourse a unforgettable introduction week. Unfortunately the Creatro is without an overnight stay, so you need to take care of that in time if you live far away. If you want to know more about this check our 'Want to stay in Haarlem?'

Wanna stay in Haarlem?

Unfortunately we don't have the possibility to let everyone stay the night. There are a few hostels you can book in Haarlem. We recommend Joops City Centre hotel as one of the affordable options. Make sure to book your hostel in time, because they can get full very quickly!

Creatro's goal

Creatro exists of a team of students who make the introduction week possible with love and passion. We strive for a fun, energetic and a sociable week with sometimes challenging activities to pull you out of your comfort-zone. But the most important thing is shake Haarlem up with a big group of amazing people! You can't miss this!

Transport to Haarlem

You can reach Haarlem easily with public transport. Haarlem Station is very central and lots of activities begin within walking distance of the station. Next to that a lot of busses stop at Haarlem. Also Inholland is easy to travel to from Haarlem Station. You can either take the train to Overveen or take bus 8 or 81 to the stop called 'Hogeschool'. 


Where in Haarlem to we begin?

Down below you can find the schedule of the starting times and starting places. This can vary per day. 

Tuesday 25th of August

To be announced...

Wednesday 26th of August

To be announced...

Thursday 27th of August

To be announced...



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