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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the introduction week is not an initiation. Team Creatro is an independent organization with the aim of an unforgettable introduction week for everyone. A good and safe atmosphere is of great importance. The organization tries to guarantee this at all times.

Wear comfortable clothes and dress for the weather. In addition, we recommend that you put on shoes that you can easily walk in for a long time. 

The introduction week costs €70 for three days of craziness. We provide lunch for two days and dinner for three days, so that you can fully concentrate on the activities

There are two payment options. You can choose to pay cash on the day the introduction week starts, or pay afterwards via ideal.

We will keep you informed about the starting locations via email. These may differ per day, but are always near Haarlem station or Hogeschool Inholland.

Inholland University of Applied Sciences can be reached by bus and train. Bus 8 and bus 81 run from Haarlem station to the Inholland bus stop. You can also take the train to Zandvoort from Haarlem station. When you get off at Overveen station, it is a short 10-minute walk to the university.

We want to make the introduction week as accessible as possible. However, there are some limitations. During the three days we walk great distances and we come to many different locations that may not all be equally accessible. If you are unsure about your participation due to a medical condition, please contact us!

Unfortunately, there is no sleeping place included with the Creatro. This means everyone has to go home at the end of the day. You can also arrange accommodation yourself. A cheap option is, for example, the Joops City Center Hotel.

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